Pokémon Explorations: in the next episodes an unpublished theme song will debut

Up to now the animated series of Pokémon Explorations it has 30 episodes in its assets, broadcast in a span of about 8 months, so the time has come for the series to clear the opening theme by adopting a brand new one.

The official Twitter account of the production has just announced that the current opening "1,2,3", will see a reinterpretation by the artists Takanori Nishikawa and Golden Bomber's Sho Kirisho, who will take the place of the previous band "After The Rain".

The new version of the theme song will debut on the occasion of episode number 32 of the anime, which will air on August 9 in Japan. Most likely, the theme will show all the monsters conquered by Ash and GO during their adventure for the various regions of the Pokémon world.

It is not excluded that the theme song may disseminate some clues for the future of the series, perhaps veilingly anticipating pocket characters and creatures that we will be able to meet during the next episodes. In the meantime, rumors have followed regarding Ash's new conquests, which would like the capture of a Legendary by the Pallet Town coach.

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