Pokémon Explorations: a girls’ night and a love story in episode 57

The animated series of Pokémon Exploration took the two protagonists through numerous regions, the last of which was that of Galar, where Go has even captured a Legendary creature. But in the next few episodes the focus will shift to a mysterious love story.

After the two trainers in Pokémon Explorations have returned to Kalos, between training, knights and castles, in episode 57 we will see them pass a carefree evening, or at least that was their intention.

As reported by the synopsis of the episode, shared on Twitter by the user Anipoke Fandom, while Ash and Go they organize a ramen party, Cloe and Chrysa are engaged in a girls’ night out. “An unexpected twist leads Chloe and her Eeveea to spend the night at the home of Chrysa, aide of the Cerasa Laboratory. The girls’ night starts off great, with the two buying food and cakes, but then Cloe sees a strange photo. The image depicts Chrysa, a young man and a Psyduck with a scarf and it seems that the girl has very strong feelings for these two mysterious figures. Chloe decides to help Chrysa in her love life“.

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The episode, titled “Love is a Koduck”, or “Love is a Psyduck”, will debut in Japan on February 26. A mysterious Grookey at the center of the preview of episode 59 of Pokémon Explorations.


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