Pokémon Exploration: The plot of the “Sword and Shield” arc reveals the awakening of the Legendaries

We recently talked about the poster published yesterday regarding the new story arc of the series Pokémon Exploration , which anticipated the arrival of Mewtwo and the legendaries of Galar in the next adventures of Ash and Gou, with a new narrative arc entirely dedicated to the phenomenon of the Dark Night.

The announcement of four episodes dedicated to the legend of Zacian and Zamazenta immediately found an incredible consensus from fans of the brand, and if you have played the Pokémon Sword and Shield titles, you will know that there are various aspects that deserve an in-depth study, and from the synopsis published, shown below, it seems that we will have several .

“Why have giant Pokémon suddenly gone mad ?! Ash and Gou set out to conduct a research on the strange phenomenon that is happening in the Galar region. Once there, our heroes will have to go face to face with Pokémon that have grown enormous. behind the anger of the Pokémon, there is a mysterious organization, which is trying to recreate the Dark Night, an event that shocked Galar a long time ago. Once all the mysteries are solved, this great catastrophe will echo throughout the territory. While the entire Galar region lies in chaos, the two Legendary Heroes awaken from their long slumber. “

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Recall that perhaps Ash and Gou will be able to capture a Zapdos, and we leave you to a fanart of Nimbeon, a flying type evolution of Eevee.


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