Pokémon: Eevee becomes steel thanks to the new evolution created by a fan

Eevee is one of the most famous pokémon in the pocket monster franchise. Appeared since the first generation, it was an important pokémon for Gary Oak but also for the protagonists of the Pokémon video games Let's Go, since it was one of the starters that was possible to choose. And its evolutionary tree still lacks several forms.

For some days now, the PTickles fan has been trying to fill this void. By exploiting his skills in drawing, he set himself the goal of giving shape to any type of Eevee that has not yet received an evolution. The first was Champeon l'Eevee of the fight type that we presented to you a few days ago.

Now the fan got a new positive response with Guardeon, the Eevee that evolved with steel type. Below we can see the choice of this representation and it must be said that it could really go through a future evolution of the pokémon. Her skin changes from brown to iron gray and several portions of her body are covered in medieval-style armor. On his head he has a helmet complete with a visor and a red plume while the tail becomes a sort of sword.

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Which version of Eevee would you like to see among those still missing in video games? Meanwhile, the anime of Pokémon he goes on to demonstrate once again the deep bond between Ash and Pikachu.


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