Pokémon: a pair of very special boots by Zara arrive on the market

In case you want to renew your wardrobe (or that of your girlfriend) with some anime-themed product, you will be happy to know that Zara, the famous chain of shops focused on the sale of casual clothing for men and women, has decided to offer a brand new pair of ankle boots to meet your needs.

As you can see below, in fact, a few days ago special Pokémon-themed women's shoes were launched on the Chinese market. It's about a pair of black shoes with a Pokéball to replace the heel, currently on sale for about 30 dollars (just over 25 euros) on the Zara online store and soon also arriving in the west.

Pokémon is still the most profitable franchise in the world today, with approx 95 billion dollars collected from 1996 to today. In recent years, the company has entered into agreements with the largest western clothing brands, offering several original collections and thus seeking to further increase sales. The agreement with Zara, one of the most important brands in the fashion world, was therefore not a surprise and will probably favor the arrival of new products in the months to follow.

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And what do you think of these shoes? Cute or unwatchable? Let us know yours by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you want to take a look at some men's garments instead, we refer you to the Pokémon shirts presented in 2019.


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