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 Poison, no. 13

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Cover of Poison, no. 13

Original edition: Venom, vol. 4, no. 16 USA
Departure date: November 2019.
Script: Donny Cates.
He drew: Juan Gedeon.
Format: Staple, 24 pages. In color.
Price: € 2.20

The War of the Realms is over, but problems continue to accompany our old friend Eddie Brock, because raising a child is never an easy task and less if you have the past of Poison so present that it is difficult to move forward. Having broken the plans of a witch with a crystal that fulfilled wishes, Eddie Brock ended the threat of Jack O’ Lantern that intended to calcine the city to the ashes and then he met with little Dylan who didn't stop being nervous during the whole crisis. In this issue we will see Eddie fighting his own mind while giving everything he can to get money and for his son to overcome the illness he has contracted, which will take our protagonist to unexpected places.

The history of this issue would begin with Eddie Brock recalling the problems he has suffered during the War of the Kingdoms and then be scared to notice that your son has a fever. Determined to give him everything he needs, Eddie would go to the Daily Globe to get a job, but I would end up in an investigation into the disappearance of some children that hide more than it seems and that would lead him to face his past while a fearsome enemy comes to light.

Poison, no. 13. Sample page.In general, we are facing a very personal number and that is vital to enter the Absolute Slaughter event by how he deals with the character of Eddie Brock and how the separation of his symbiote has affected him to the point of doubting himself and if the true beast has always been him. Thanks to that premise, Donny Cates enters the character's mind in an adventure that anticipates the great evil he is going to face and that he was so afraid of his symbiote, but that he is not able to believe even in front of his eyes. Now, speaking a little more in detail of certain aspects of the plot, Donny Cates manages to surprise us by getting into a story that at first we could see as “routine”, but that, little by little, is becoming a incredible that is the first step towards the event we are looking forward to.

As for the characters, Donny Cates immerses himself fully in the psyche of Eddie Brock to show us both his most kind and affectionate side that makes him overcome every situation to his darkest side, typical of a beast and the Lethal Protector that does not let any criminal end up unpunished. Therefore, we have really raw moments in which the character seems to be ruthless even with his most loved ones, although, luckily, he manages to control most of his impulses thanks to the love he feels as a father for his son and the duty to take care of him so that nothing is missing in life. However, although Eddie's intentions are very good and he even lowers his head in a situation he considers humiliating, at the end of the day you must let out the beast it contains in order to get out of the problems that life gives you. And this time Eddie goes through his lowest moments having to face a memory of the past because of Cletus Kasady, who wants to see him fall to the deepest before launching his final goal.

Poison, no. 13. Sample page.On rhythm, we are facing a comic that is gradually increasing in intensity as the mystery of the children grows and Eddie Brock's anxiety to get money. For this reason, and although at the beginning we have more relaxed moments focused on the new problem for our protagonist, Cates passes quickly and with great efficiency to deal with the duality of Eddie Brock's mind while fighting to defend the most defenseless and achieve what needs to.

On an artistic level, this time we have Juan Gedeon to pencils, who manages to give us a pretty impressive visual finish in more than one vignette because of how well the crudeness of Eddie Brock's dark side represents both in calmer situations and in those where violence and blood prevail to prevent children from suffering one of the worst destinations. Likewise, the level of detail shown in this issue is quite remarkable and a final result at the level of what the reader is looking for in a Poison comic.

In short, I consider this number Get us in the perfect spot for the character before starting the event that will change everything for him and that will require that you strengthen the greatest possible alliances if you want to survive.

You can acquire “Poison, no. 13 ” here.

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