Plex becomes a free streaming service: thousands of series and movies without subscription, although with ads

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Over the years, Plex has become the almost perfect solution to play any multimedia content, but usually asked users to upload the content manually. Now Plex takes a complete turn to its strategy and becomes a streaming service (AVOD), Netflix or HBO style. But with one important difference: it will be free.

Plex offered a Plex Pass service to access content via streaming from virtually all platforms, but now announces that with the free version we can also access thousands of series and movies from studios as different as MGM, Warner Bros or Lionsgate, thanks to an agreement they reached last August.

Available in more than 200 countries

Plex Movie

"The license of these Warner Bros. movies allows us to offer more types of third-party content than any other platform and bring it all together in a beautiful solution. Premium movies and programs with advertising deserve a first-class treatment along with other content that consumers enjoy every day, instead of being orphaned in another independent application, "Plex explained.

With 20 million users for its current service, Plex aims to grow even more with this movement, as the free streaming service will be available in 220 countries, making it the most extended streaming service with ads in the world, if we don't have platforms like YouTube where users upload the videos.

In these ads will be the key to monetize the service, because offering this large collection of series and movies has a cost. Specific ads will appear at the beginning of the video and in intermediate, although Plex promises that we will find between 50% and 60% less ads than it would be usual on television.

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Plex Mobile

Plex is a complete application available on Android, iOS, Windows, GNU / Linux, macOS, SmartTV, Chromecast and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. That is, much of the most popular platforms are compatible with Plex and will have access to this content.

Among the functions of Plex was to upload your own videos and then play them from the cloud, but over time the application has been updated to allow you to upload our own music or listen to podcasts. Now, from the 'Movies and TV' tab we can access the new catalog of streaming series, free and with ads.

'Terminator', 'Ghost in the Shell' or 'The Lord of War'

Ghost In The Shell

Plex content will be shown in different categories and within each movie we can access information such as its director, the main actors, the duration, the category, the resolution (up to 1080p) as well as the score and criticism in Rotten Tomatoes.

Among the titles available we will find a large number of classics such as 'Terminator', 'Evil Dead' or 'Apocalypse Now'. Plex promises that it will update the catalog with movies ranging from the last winners of the Oscars in Hollywood to news from regions such as Latin America, China, India or independent European cinema, as well as music and documentaries. A collection to expand all the content that we already had uploaded to Plex.

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