PlayStation 5: incredible results on Twitter, brand growing by 89%

During the latest investor conference, Sony chief financial officer Ned Segal said the company had managed to take advantage of the brand PlayStation 5 capitalizing on an 89% global increase on video game themed conversations born on Twitter.

Despite measures against the Coronavirus pandemic Sony therefore managed to find a way to connect with its customers and to collect over 1 million mentions in 2 days at the end of the first quarter of the year thanks to the SS5. "Brands have found innovative ways to participate in conversations and connect to their customers"said Segal."For example, PlayStation leveraged an 89% global increase in conversations about Twitter's video games to create interest and awareness around PS5. A successful campaign with branded Emojis, trending promotion and the use of First VIew, has led PlayStation to be the most important global trend with over 1 million mentions in two days it's a engagement rate 4 times higher than the benchmark Twitter We continue to amplify discussions around live events".

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In short, the numbers registered by Sony and by PlayStation 5 they are impressive and demonstrate the great interest of the public. Just today an interesting feature of PlayStation 5 has been unveiled that will allow you to launch specific parts of a game.


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