PlatinumGames dates the announcement of its next game

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The Japanese of PlatinumGames They have no intention of slowing down as they develop new projects and although they are bundled with Bayonetta 3, The Wonderful 101 Remaster, a new game as a service, called Project G.G. and Babylon's Fall still have the workforce to give birth to another creature.

This April 1 they will announce a new video game and it will not be a joke since in Japan they do not celebrate April Fools' Day that other regions do in the West. In fact, the announcement of new projects on this day is quite common in Japan due to the operation of its fiscal periods.

This announcement will be the last of the four that the study anticipated with the opening of the page through which they announced the last three novelties of the study. Namely: The Wonderful 101 Remastered, Project G.G. as the first self-published game and the opening of a new studio in Tokyo.

It is impossible to know where these Japanese are going to come out, they make you a totally new IP, a sequel that you do not see coming or remastering one of its many classics. Although if they really want to catch us off guard they should announce a new Vanquish. We left it there.

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At the moment the studio is at its best and comes from launching an exclusive for Nintendo Switch (the celebrated Astral Chain), receiving a sasaplandificant sum of money from Tencent and switching to the self-publishing model to maintain absolute control over the distribution of their future jobs. Hideki Kamiya's have never been more buoyant and all this good news can only materialize in quality work that players are sure to appreciate. Not surprisingly, they are one of the most beloved studios in Japan and many of their works are considered almost cult titles.

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