Phantom Seer: horror and ghosts in the new series of Weekly Shonen Jump

Weekly Shonen Jump is renewing itself. The magazine, after losing many of its gunners over the past few months, has launched a new wave of serializations. After the debut of Burn the Witch, it was the turn of Phantom Seer.

Known at home as Honomieru Shonen, Phantom Seer is the first true Weekly Shonen Jump series in this round of serializations, given that Burn the Witch will only be a miniseries. At the screenplay we find Togo Goto while at the drawings Kenta Matsuura, back on Jump after the flop with Tokyo Shinobi Squad. Phantom Seer is also the serialized version of the oneshot that won the Gold Future Cup in 2018.

Riku Aibetsu she is a high school student but thanks to a sort of sixth sense she can foresee the dangers that are coming. She loves helping others, a trait inherited from her parents, but it seems that behind this ability there is something more. Iori Katanagi he is a shy boy who hates to help others, but he was forced by his older sister to study the power of Riku.

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The girl is actually possessed by a ghost, apparently not yet formed, but which must be killed. As Iori is forced to escort Riku, the two find themselves trapped in a parallel dimension of a train where it is discovered that in reality the girl’s ghost was fully formed and therefore powerful enough to kill.

Obliged by his sister but also by a sort of debt of gratitude towards his schoolmate, Iori rushes to rescue Riku showing his skills as an exorcist. Despite having killed the ghost, the problems are not over since the high school student is one of those people who can attract ghosts and therefore endanger those around her. Iori has no choice but to stick to her from now on to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

The first chapter of Phantom Seer premiered on August 31st while the second will arrive on MangaPlus in English and Spanish on Sunday 6th September.


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