Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa to star in vampire movie Good Bad & Undead

Director Max Barbakow has signed with Legendary to work on Good Bad & Undead, a new vampire movie whose main stars are the Game of Thrones duo made up of Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa.

In this story, Dinklage will be Van Helsing, the last of a long line of vampire hunters who ends up developing a complicated association with a vampire played by Jason Momoa, who has promised not to kill anyone again. Together they execute a scam that they carry through all the towns in the region. Van Helsing agrees to hunt down the vampire for money and it works for them until a great price is put on the head of the Momoa character and all the hunters and creatures of this fantasy world are cast upon the duo.

The two lead actors were two key characters in Game of Thrones, the HBO series that adapted the George R.R. Martin, and that ended with great controversy for the decisions made in the final season. Both Dinklage and Momoa’s characters were essential in the evolution of Daenerys Targaryen, the heroine played by Emilia Clarke.

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Much more information has not been released about this new vampire and fantasy film, so we don’t know exactly when it will be in theaters. Of course, we do not expect it before the second half of 2021, at the earliest.

Jason Momoa should be back in front of the cameras also for Aquaman 2, the supposed sequel to the great success of Warner Bros. where the actor played the mythical governor of Atlantis and who also has a spin-off based on The Trench, which is intended to make a horror movie within the superhero cinema, something that some directors have already tried in the past with little success.


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