Persona 4 Golden at 500,000 players on PC: Atlus celebrates

Persona 4 Golden for PC is a hit. Atlus has proudly announced that its RPG, which landed on Steam on June 13, has reached an altitude 500 thousand players.

This is an excellent result for a game released eight years ago on PlayStation Vita, which already at the time represented the remake of a title dated 2008, and above all for a series that has always mistreated the PC. To celebrate this milestone, Atlus has published a thanksgiving artwork for all 500 thousand players who have decided to purchase it on Steam. To realize it was the Character Designer Shigenori Soejima, who also added the message: "Welcome back to the Midnight Channel".

Persona 4 Golden, remember, can be purchased on Steam at the price of 19.99 euros, and is presented with the following incipit: "A growth story in which the protagonist and his friends will face a journey following a chain of serial murders. Discover soulmates, feelings of belonging and face the darker sides of the human soul".

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In light of these results, we would not be surprised at all if Atlus and SEGA were beginning to seriously consider the possibility of convert Persona 5 Royal to PC


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