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Pepillo Origel is accused of harassing and damaging a famous journalist

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The entertainment journalist Juan José Origel is accused of psychologically harming the also journalist Gabriel Cuevas, in addition to harassing him, all around which the former has always said that Cuevas recorded the conversation in which Origel is heard to speak ill of Flor Rubio.

Through his YouTube channel, Gabriel Cuevas, who participates in the Fórmula Espectacular program with Flor Rubio, exploits against Pepillo Origel and asks him to stop slandering him.

Cuevas requires Origel to verify with facts that he was the one who recorded it when he spoke ill of Flor Rubio, in a private meeting that took place in Acapulco in 2016.

Pepillo, I want to challenge you to prove, with facts, that I was that person, the one who screwed up the image * and when that happens I withdraw from this medium and let you spit on my face. ”

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Cuevas makes it public that he has been the victim of lies, moral damage and harassment by Origel and can no longer cope with this situation that has professionally, personally and psychologically harmed him.

For four years I have been branded a liar, disloyal and treacherous for having recorded a conversation by Juan José Origel where I 'defamed' Flor Rubio. ”

Treacherous, starving, culer *, put *, joto, disloyal, is what you have achieved with your smear campaign, with yellowing, with your lie campaign, Juan José Origel ”.

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According to information published by the Radio Fórmula news portal, Cuevas assures that he did not record anything about the conversation in which Origel spoke ill of Flor Rubio.

And Cuevas also says that Pepillo Origel has caused the doors to be closed in many workplaces, including the Suelta la sopa program and the Diario Basta.

Do you remember when you marked Fabián Lavalle saying that I was no longer in La Cuchara? Thanks Pepillo, because for your friendship, Magda Rodríguez told me not in Hoy. "

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Gabriel Cuevas came to think of suicide

Gabriel Cuevas, who is also part of the television program Venga la Alegría, on Televisión Azteca, also makes public through his YouTube channel that, given the aforementioned situation, he came to think of killing himself.

You have hurt me a lot, I even share that all your pressure at some point made me think about taking my life, made me feel so vulnerable at some point. "

Cuevas mentions that he had to take therapy to overcome the depression in which he lived as a result of all this problem and to no longer think about suicide.


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