'Peaky Blinders' has a message of encouragement for you

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We were all looking forward to when the time would come to see the Shelbies again, as the premiere date for their sixth season was still a mystery. And although there was talk that this would be sometime in 2020 given the current worldwide expansion of COVID-19 'Peaky Blinders'has been added to the list of productions that have been canceled until new notice.

He was Netflix's own director of fiction, Anthony Byrne, who has shared the sad (but logical) news through their social networks. Furthermore, it has left a powerful message about Coronavirus, the reason that has led to the cancellation of the start of filming.

Along with a most significant image of Cillian Murphy In the role of Tommy Shelby, the director explained that although everything was prepared for the start of production, it is time to stop until further notice: "We were very close to the start of filming season 6. Months of hard work by our very talented, dedicated and hard-working team. Sets were built, costumes were made. Proven cameras and lenses. Places were reserved. All the preparation was made. It is a real shame not to be able to do it right now. But personally I want to thank the crew I have spent months working with and I want to send my love and support to them and to everyone else. We're in this together".

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A message of encouragement and a few tips

In addition, in the post the director wanted to leave a message of encouragement for everyone: "Remember who we are as people and look for those around you and find these challenging times. it will happen"and also left some recommendations of plans to carry out in these days of confinement: "Read that book that has been watching you for years. Write a poem, script, novel. Listen to music. Watch movies. Be creative. Make art. Share. ANDFind the positive in all of this and use it. We will be better in the long run. Stay safe and healthy. "

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