Paulo Dybala said he would like to play in Barcelona and gave a proposal to end racism in football

Dybala spoke about what it would be like to play with Messi at Barcelona and analyzed the fight for racial equality
Dybala spoke about what it would be like to play with Messi at Barcelona and analyzed the fight for racial equality

With the passage of time and despite some ups and downs in his game, Paulo Dybala he became a world soccer star capable of being sought by the world's great teams. What's more, he's already in one of them: dressed in the number 10 shirt of the Juventus, from Italy, the Cordovan who took his first steps at the Institute became a fundamental piece for the team that has been dominating Italian football almost a decade ago.

Pending the official return of Serie A, Dybala provided an extensive interview for CNN in which he spoke about different topics. And one of the most relevant was about what will happen in his future. In this sense, the Argentine striker recalled that a short time ago he was close to leaving Turin and moving to another club in Europe.

"It was more or less last year when Juventus did not want to count on me, did not want me to continue playing here," said Dybala. "It was then that they contacted me and there were some clubs that were interested in me. Among them were the Manchester United and the Tottenham. I think for a long time there were conversations, then it also appeared Paris Saint Germain"Added the 26-year-old footballer.

At the same time, Dybala confessed that beyond his poor performance and the interest of others to hire him, he did not want to leave the Vecchia Signora and that the arrival of Maurizio Sarri as the new coach of the team to replace Massimiliano Allegri contributed to his improvement on the field. "With the arrival of Sarri I grew a lot. The team started to play soccer much better and that made me stay and I have had a great year until today ”.

Dybala will be key in the return of football in Italy to give Juventus a new Serie A title (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)
Dybala will be key in the return of football in Italy to give Juventus a new Serie A title (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)

With a contract valid until mid-2022, Dybala knows that if he continues to have good performances, there will be several European powers that may try to rehire him, but he prefers to focus on the restart of football. “I have a year and a half left in my contract, which is not much, and I understand that with all this that has happened (coronavirus) it is not easy for the club, but other players have also renewed. At some point, there may be a possible renewal, but it depends on Juventus ”, explained the Jewel.

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As happened at Juventus, Dybala's last participation with the Argentine team was positive. With Lionel Scaloni confirmed as technical director of the Albiceleste team, the Cordovan played a leading role in the Copa América that was played in Brazil and in which Argentina finished in third place. There he returned to share time with Messi, a benchmark for Paulo. Would you like to play with him at Barcelona? "It would be very nice"But Juventus is also an incredible club, very big, full of history, where there are currently great players."

"The truth is that Barcelona is a great team around the world and with Messi even bigger"added the footballer who before joining Juventus worked at Palermo.

Beyond analyzing his football present, Dybala also joined the debate that was generated in the world by the death of George Floyd, an African American citizen who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, United States, in relation to cases of racism. In this sense, he highlighted the value his family had in his upbringing. "Fortunately, my family educated me differently and I can respect people for who they are, by their way of thinking and not by how they are dressed, what country they are from or the color of their skin ”.

In April of last year, the Juventus forward Moise Kean he was subjected to racist chants by a fraction of Cagliari supporters at an Italian Calcio match. Dybala recalled that incident and referred to the bad moment her partner had to go through. "It really wasn't easy for him and I have experienced various situations of racism with other Juventus teammates at other stadiums," he said.

He also said that the punishment for these events should be harsher in Italian football and expressed that in the event that these measures are not taken, it should be the players who speak out in similar situations.

"If that is not the case, We will be the players who will have to take measures in our own hands so that this does not continue to happenBecause we are talking about one of the largest championships in the world, where millions of people are watching and if they see that there is racism and no action is taken, people become emboldened and continue to do so, "he concluded.


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