Paulina Rubio "is a wonderful mom": they defend "The Golden Girl" after the scandals

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Paulina Rubio "is a wonderful mom": they defend "The Golden Girl" after the scandals

Paulina Rubio

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Susana Dosamantes ensures that his daughter, Paulina Rubio, is a wonderful mom, because she is very aware of her children Andrea Nicolás, product of his marriage to Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera and Eros, fruit of its relationship with Jerry Bazúa.

“She is a good woman, she takes good care of her children, she keeps them, she has them in a very good school, she feeds them very well, they go to the pediatrician, we go to the park, we go to the cinema, we go to the sea and she is a wonderful mom”, Explain.

The first Mexican actress says she is enjoying her grandchildren very much and proudly accepts her role as a grandmother.

"My grandchildren are a hottie, tremendous means because they have an atomic battery, they are young, beautiful, handsome and what can I tell you if they bring me drooling, I am an old lady, beautiful grandmother that I love my grandchildren," indicates.

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Susana Dosamantes was recognized for her 50 years of career in “Harlequin Award”, where she was questioned about her daughter's romantic life and the legal lawsuit she has with her ex-partner and father of her son Eros, for the maintenance and custody of the child .

"I am not very aware of their things about them, they got married, they divorced, they are happy, they get angry, but then I come here just to collect my prize", express.

In addition, the film and television actress is surprised at the fact that the former “The Golden Girl”, Jerry Bazúa had celebrated his marriage bond a few months ago, however he sends her best wishes.

"Let everyone make a kite of his life, I think he is already very mustache, do what he wants, God bless him and be very happy", manifest.


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