Paul Gascoigne spoke about the problems caused by his addiction to alcohol and recalled his follies in the 1990 World Cup

Paul Gascoigne has been recovered in recent years (Photo: Reuters)
Paul Gascoigne has been recovered in recent years (Photo: Reuters)

"Pelé always says: 'There is only one Pelé and there will only be one Pelé.' Well, there will never be another Paul Gascoigne … And if so, they must be in rehab nine times!" The emblematic English footballer returned to talk about his problems of alcohol addiction in a book that will be published soon and focuses on the World Cup in Italy 90, where Gazza He was a key actor in the England team and starred in a scene that had a lot of repercussion in his country: he cried when he was warned in the semifinal that his team would later lose because if he entered the final he would not be able to play.

In an exclusive preview of the English newspaper The Sun, a fragment of the chapter that stars the former midfielder who is 53 years old is shown. “When I returned to the northeast, my dad threw me a party at our club, but halfway there I told him I had to go out for a while. I went to the park where I spent most of the night kicking the ball, until I went home exhausted and fell asleep. In that park I cried, thinking of the boy kicking the ball that had reached the semifinal of the World Cup and almost reached the final ”, he revived his reaction after being eliminated on penalties by Germany, who would later lift the title against Argentina by Diego Maradona .

“I do regret it is that I became an alcoholic and now I have pellets (small balls) in my stomach. It's okay if I have a glass of beer or a glass of wine, but if I have too much beer or wine, vodka or liquor or drugs, then I throw up all"he detailed in that book entitled Italia 90 Revisited – The Players ’Stories of the writer Harry Harris and that was reflected by the British medium.

Gascoigne had many relapses due to his addiction to alcohol in recent years, although fortunately in recent times he was happy to be winning the battle over his problems. Italia 90, he said, was the "best time" of his life.

"When I watch clips from Italia 90 I feel great, then immediately sad. It was the best moment of my life. I loved it, I loved it from the moment I got on that plane. Nothing bothered me, I wanted to be in the World Cup, the dream of all players. But I felt like I was going on vacation, I was playing tennis, table tennis. I loved every minute of it. My biggest memory of Italia 90 is getting on the plane and feeling the excitement. It doesn't feel like 30 years ago. When those clips appear on television, it seems like yesterday. But then I'm upset and try not to think about Italia 90, ”he revealed.

"The best moment of my life, yes, but how I miss it", insisted on what was the best participation of his country in a World Cup after the 1966 title. In 2018, England again came to fight for third place and also lost that defining match just like what happened in Italy 90 (2 fell -1 in front of the local in Bari).

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The most remembered moment of his time in Italy 90: warned in the semifinal, he started crying because he would miss a hypothetical final (Photo: Shutterstock)
The most remembered moment of his time in Italy 90: warned in the semifinal, he started crying because he would miss a hypothetical final (Photo: Shutterstock)

The picture of Gazza with tears in his eyes, he hardly saw the yellow for an infringement on the German Thomas Berthold was a symbol for his compatriots, who valued the pain of the person who was working at Tottenham at the time: “I cried because I felt like I had disappointed the fans, my teammates, the coach, everyone. I cried because I thought it was the end of my career, that I would never have another opportunity to play in a team like that, on the world stage, with and also against world-class footballers. ”

“I loved (the World Cup) but I treated it as if I had been in a youth cup tournament. It was a holiday. I played tennis, I spent time by the pool, I was in the pedal boats (from the lakes). Soccer did not worry me. I didn't care who we were playing with, what someone said about the opposition. I was full of confidence, I was not interested in tactics, who was his best player or who would score for me, ”he said.

He also brought to light an unusual anecdote in the run-up to the match against Germany: “I played tennis until one in the morning before the semifinal. I was on the court and I could hear that hoarse voice screaming 'Gazza, Gazza'. I thought, 'I'm in trouble now,' "he said, referring to coach Bobby Robson.

"I told Chris Waddle, while sharing a room with him, that if he heard a knock on the door it would surely be Bobby Robson. To tell him he was asleep. Sure enough, there was a knock on the door. ‘Gazza, where is he? ' Chris replied: 'He's sleeping, boss.'. ‘Sleeping, sleeping? I have been told that he has been playing tennis for the past two hours! ’"He recalled.

Gascoigne in his latest transformation after recovering from a relapse of his addictions
Gascoigne in his latest transformation after recovering from a relapse of his addictions

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