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 Patty Jenkins wants Wonder Woman to be the James Bond of the superhero world

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Director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

The inside of the February issue of Empire leaves us a new preview of the movie "Wonder Woman 1984" in the form of statements from its director Patty jenkins, that without going into much revealing detail, has talked about the focus of the film.

Within the February issue, director Patty Jenkins has also talked about the idea of ​​transporting Diana Prince to a new period of time, in this decade of the 80s, in the Cold War, to explain what her intention is with the character:

I want Wonder Woman be the James Bond of the superhero world. I set out to make a massive blockbuster, as in the 80s.

Jenkins has also talked about the story remembering, as we already knew it was something that came to mind, along with actress gal Gadot, when they worked on Diana's first movie. His approach was to stay away, at the history level, from that first film in addition to having a purely eighties theme, with the greed as the main theme, as they noted during the CCXP.

This story came to me very soon while we were making the first movie. There were two things that mattered to me. The first was to separate it from the first movie. I didn't want to say: ‘There's more of the same here’. One of my favorite things about comics is that you can take these amazing characters and experience such different stories through them even if they remain essentially the same.

(Greed was) something I wanted to talk about and that is incredibly appropriate for our times, but that was in its great moment in the 80s. That greed is good, the spirit of my generation may have been associated with extreme material success , but what came with that? The truth is that what was happening was something very interesting for Wonder Woman, an outsider who is immortal, to experience. I want this It feels like you're watching an 80's movie.

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