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 Patty Jenkins talks about her decision not to direct Thor: The Dark World

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Official image of the filming set of Wonder Woman (2017), director Patty Jenkins

Long ago, the director of the two Wonder Woman films, Patty jenkins, was at the forefront of the film Thor: The Dark World, Thor's second solo installment at UCM. A project that did not end up having the result that many fans would like, in fact it is the fifth with the lowest box office at UCM.

At the time it was indicated that her departure from the project was really a dismissal by Marvel, given the "total lack of clarity" in the director's decisions, but a few years Jenkins commented that it was she who really left the project, pointing out that they would not let her tell the story she wanted. In fact, there wasn't even a script as such for Jenkins' proposal.

In a new promotional interview for the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984Jenkins has spoken again about her departure from the project, which took place just 2-3 months after she was confirmed as the project director, claiming creative differences at the time.

I didn't think I could make a good movie with the script they planned to make. I think it would have been a big problem, it would have seemed like my fault. It would have seemed like, ‘Oh my god, this woman led her and she missed all of these things’. That was the only time in my career that I really felt like, ‘Do this with (another director) and it won't be a big deal.’. And maybe they understand it and love it more than I do. You can't make movies you don't believe in. The only reason to do it would be to show people that I can. But it wouldn't have proven anything if it wasn't successful. I don't think I would have had another chance. And for that, I am super grateful.

I really have nothing more to say about Marvel, because honestly, I was given that opportunity in the first place and it wasn't in vogue to do so.

Image from Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Jenkins already commented that his departure from Thor allowed him to work in the Wonder Woman movies, something he believes would not have happened if he had made that movie from Marvel Studios.

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Furthermore, the director believes that with Taika Watiti, the franchise is in good hands:

They found the legitimate director of Thor. Taika is very good for Thor. OMG I love that movie. His tone with Thor was simply masterful. That felt like pure Taika to me.

Via information | Vanity Fair

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