Paolo Sorrentino photographs Rome: "Empty as in The Great Beauty"

When his 50th birthday is a few days away, Paolo Sorrentino takes stock of his life and career by taking a long interview at Vanity Fair in which he retraces the steps of his debut, the family, the atmosphere on the set of his films and the changes in his routine after the victory of the Oscar.

Accompanying the long interview is a photo taken by the director himself in front of a shop window from which you can see a billiard table left in order and in complete solitude. From Sorrentino’s words, we understand that he is always in his Rome, the city where he has lived for years: “I had a need, almost a morbid curiosity to take pictures in such an incredibly empty Rome. Also when I shot The Great Beauty the city was deserted but it was summer and the set was always at night, between 3 and 5 in the morning, instead it was during the day that I wanted to see it, a unique opportunity to be able to photograph it so always empty”.

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Among the rumors circulated recently, there is also the hypothesis of a film about Naples and its governor, Vincenzo De Luca (a first IMDb title later removed called “The Sheriff”), but at the moment he is enjoying the end of his latest television series, The New Pope on HBO and Sky, while apparently continuing the pre-production of the Mob Girl film that should see him return to directing a film directing Jennifer Lawrence as its protagonist. The screenplay will be co-signed by Sorrentino together with Angelina Burnett and Teresa Carpenter, who is also the author of the novel from which it is based.

In his career, then, Sorrentino admitted to being very satisfied and to prefer two films above all: “The star and the great beauty have something more because on the set there was a happy atmosphere. Great confidence in what we did. Strong underground energy”.


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