Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We all love to watch shows about police work and crimes, right? If the killer is a serial killer, we won’t stop until we find out who they are, no matter what.

All of the episodes will be watched all at once. So, ‘Pagan Peak’ is a great show to watch if you want to learn more about mysteries.

“Pagan Peak,” also called “Der Pass,” is an Austrian-German crime thriller drama that was written and directed by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Steiner. It was based on Hans Rosenfelddt’s book Boren/Born.

It is an investigation thriller about two police officers who are looking for a serial killer who keeps killing people on the border between Austria and Germany. The main characters in the crime fiction series are played by Julia Jentsch, Nicholas Ofczarek, and Franz Hartwig.

A man’s body is found near the Alpine mountains. The way the body is lying makes the police think that the man was already dead when he was brought there.

Since the crime happened on the border between Austria and Germany, both countries need to look into it. But because of strange events, Gedeon Winter, an Austrian detective, hands the case over to his German coworker Ellie Stocker…

You love Pagan Peak, which isn’t surprising given the great cast and great story. Because of this, you should be wondering if Pagan Peak will return for a third season or if it’s over for good. A lot of people like the Pagan Peak series, especially those who like crime and mystery.

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date

The show is based on a book, and it has two distinct seasons with eight episodes each, for a total of sixteen 45-minute episodes. The first season came out on January 25, 2019, and audiences loved it. It ended up getting an 8/10 rating.

The second season of the show came out 2 years after the first season came out. It came out on January 21, 2022. Even more, people watched Season 2, and it got an 8 rating.

Yes, the Investigation series’ storyline and suspense have drawn people in. Now that the second season has also done well, it’s time to ask the creators of the crime show about season 3.

The creators haven’t said anything official about when the series will come out. But, yeah, given how popular the show is, we can anticipate season 3 any time now.

Pagan Peak Season 3 Cast

Julia Jentsch plays Ellie Stocker. Her boss, Claas, is having an affair with her boss, who is a senior detective inspector in Traunstein. Hanno Koffler plays Claas Wallinger, the police chief of Traunstein, who is having an affair with Ellie.

Nicholas Ofczarek as Gedeon Winter or “Falcon,” a police inspector in Salzburg, becomes obsessed with finding the “Krampus killer.” Franziska von Harsdorf [de] as Yela Antic: A police officer in Traunstein who was trained by Ellie and worked with her as a mentor.

Dominic Marcus Singer plays Alexander “Xandi” Gossen, who is a serial killer and Wolfgang’s younger brother. He hunts, tortures, as well as kills women. Christoph Luser plays Wolfgang Gossen, who is in charge of the family business and looks out for his younger brother, Xandi.

Erol Nowak [de] plays the role of Manni Krois, a hunter who works for the Gossens, teaches Xandi about folklore and prepares the bodies of dead deer. Andreas Lust [de] as Manuel Riffeser: Corrupted Salzburg police chief inspector in charge of Tonia’s murder investigation and other murder cases.

Franz Hartwig plays Gregor/”David Zeller.” He is a tech-savvy survivalist who uses Krampus’s stories to get what he wants. He also pretends to be David Zeller to become Ellie’s neighbor. Lukas Miko [de] plays Sebastian Brunner, the leader of the Six Brothers cult and a doomsayer/survivalist. Nataa Petrovi plays Milica Andov, an employee at a mountain inn whose boss, Sara, takes advantage of her.

Lucas Gregorowicz plays Charles Turek, a Munich newspaper reporter who writes a book about the Krampus killer. Martin Feifel plays Christian Ressler, an Austrian criminal profiler as well as a case analyst.

Pagan Peak Season 3 Trailer

Pagan Peak Season 3 Plot

The story takes place on the border between Austria and Germany, where two police set out to catch a cruel serial killer. Gedeon and Ellie, two police officers, take on the severe case of Gregor, a serial killer who needs to wear a Krampus mask.

Soon, they find out that Gregor is not just a mass murderer, but that he also knows a lot about technology. Gregor breaks into Ellie’s computer to find out what they are going to do next and to keep an eye on them.

As time goes on, there are more and more cases, and their bosses are putting pressure on them. They wouldn’t be capable of identifying the killer, though. So they discover a copycat killer as well as put him in jail. The case is now closed.

A year afterward, Gedeon feels bad about himself and guilty. He talks Ellie into looking into the case again and finding the real killer. This gets to Gregor.

When Gregor moves into Ellie’s neighborhood to be the guy next door, the story takes a strange turn. But the season ended on a happy note when Gregor is put in jail.

The story starts a year after the case of Gregor, the serial killer. Ellie helps Yela learn how to be a detective and gives her advice. Gedeon will also help with policy. They find Xandi, who is another serial killer who hurts and kills women.

Even though they catch Xandi, things go wrong when they find out that he is being shielded by his older brother Wolfgang, his worker Manni, and even the chief detective of the investigation, Manuel.

Part one Gedeon and Ellie go to the border to take care of a dead body. It’s the initial person to be killed by Gregor, a serial killer who wears a Krampus mask.

“The Red The Season Is Coming, Gregor says, is a warning. Gedeon tells the authorities that Gregor is going to bomb a shopping mall soon, which kills a child.

Tech-savvy To keep ahead of the investigation, Gregor breaks into Ellie’s computer. The police kill a suspect who was a copycat, and the case is closed. After a year, Gedeon is still not sure, so he convinces Ellie to look for another victim.


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