Pacific Rim: The Black, the new trailer for the Netflix anime enlists new Jaeger pilots

The release date of the animated work Netflix titled Pacific Rim: The Black, which originates from the famous film series, is getting closer and closer. Let’s go together to see the new promotional video.

The original 2013 feature film directed by Guillermo Del Toro is inspired by the numerous Kaiju movie which came out during the twentieth century and which had giant monsters as main antagonists. In 2018, the American company Netflix announced the production of an animated work related to the aforementioned film and towards the end of 2020 the first images of the Pacific Rim anime were released.

The date on which the series will be made available is March 4, 2021 and thanks to a trailer released by Netflix we were able to understand the meaning of the product title. Currently, however, the US giant has made available another promotional video, reported at the end of this news, in which a voice tries to enlist new pilots of the so-called Jaegar, or the big robots that have the task of facing the Kaiju, while some fights and various characters are shown. The movie then ends by showing part of a destroyed city.

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The anime will consist of 7 episodes 30 minutes each and was produced by the Polygon Pictures studio, already known for animating the Ajin – Demi Human manga.

What do you think? Are you waiting to see this new series? Let us know with a comment.


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