Overwatch 2 could leave in 2020 according to PlayStation Brasil

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Although it is a leak without official confirmation from the main stakeholders, the truth is that everything seems to indicate that PlayStation Brasil has left the issue of hands. Finish being true or not, they just dated Overwatch 2 by 2020 through a tweet. A message that has subsequently been deleted, which makes us suspect more.

Everything has happened when PlayStation Brasil has tweeted a link to an interview with Blizzard about the sequel. The mistake has been to include "2020" as the game's release date. As we said, the tweet has been deleted, but not before a screenshot was made, along with a translation of Enderdoes in Reddit (we via Gamingbolt). You can see it at the source, at the end of the news.

We completely do not know if it is an estimated date that PlayStation Brasil handles after the interview (which is not yet published in its blog), or if it really is a confirmation that Blizzard gives in it but with some type of embargo that has been skipped with that message.

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Overwatch 2. Presentation Kinematics

In any case, it may still take time to know the exact release date (even if the information is correct). Especially since Blizzard has already confirmed in the past that there will be more information about the game in the next BlizzCon. Therefore, a launch in the final part of the year could not be ruled out. Remember that Overwatch 2 will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sources: Gamingbolt / Reddit

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