Other than RTX 3000: Many Steam users still play 1080p with older CPUs

While the attention of PC gamers is all on Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 series graphics cards, which promise incredible performance at moderate prices, the Steam hardware surveys they reveal some very interesting details about the components mounted on the machines of most users.

The most popular video card is in fact one Nvidia GTX 1060 (followed by the 1050 Ti, another very cheap GPU), not very recent but still sufficient to play discreetly at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. They are in fact the classics 1080p the most popular resolution among users, since it is used by 65.55% of Steam users around the world. Only 6.59% have a panel 1440p and the 2160p (i.e. 4K) is the least widespread of all, since it is still at 2.24%. Also for what concerns the processors we are faced with a wide diffusion of not particularly recent models, given that the 45,76% of the CPUs mounted on the PCs of Steam users only have 4 physical cores and therefore have a few years on their shoulders.

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Who knows if with the arrival of the new Nvidia graphics cards and the affordable cost of a model like the 3070, many will decide to seize the ball to build a new gaming PC, perhaps to be combined with one of the next generation consoles. .


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