Orange Road – It’s almost magic Johnny is back on Italia 1, that’s when to see him

The historic animated adaptation of the manga Orange Road entitled by us in Italy It’s almost magic Johnny is about to return to the television programming of the Mediaset channel. Here are all the details.

The anime will be broadcast on Italia 1 starting from morning of November 14, 2020. 2 episodes will be broadcast, the first from 8:46 and the second from 9:08 and it seems that it will be played regularly every Saturday at these times.

Orange Road tells the story of Kyosuke Kasuga, called Johnny in the Mediaset version, a boy possessing supernatural powers who meets a girl named Madoka Ayukawa, Sabrina in Italy, with whom he falls in love. The story, however, gets complicated when we learn about Hikaru (Tinetta in our local version), the girl’s best friend, in love with the protagonist, thus giving rise to a love triangle.

The manga, from the original name Kimagure Orange Road or Capricciosa Orange Road, was written by Izumi Matsumoto in 1984 for the pages of Shonen Jump and the main animated adaptation dates back to 1987 by Studio Pierrot. This last transposition came to us in Italy in 1989 in a version heavily censored from Mediaset with the title It’s almost magic Johnny. Another version more faithful to the original and uncensored work of Orange Road was also broadcast by Mediaset on channel Italia 2 in early 2020.

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The author of the original work is unfortunately passed away recently, which prompted many fans to pay homage to Orange Road.

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