Orange: Beastars' animation studio is working on the CGI remake of a famous anime

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Orange, the Japanese animation studio famous for curating works of the caliber of Black Bullet, Active Raid and the most recent Beastars, has finally unveiled plans for the new year during an interview with the microphones of Anime Limited. In particular, it was speaking Eiji Inamoto, CEO and founder of the studio.

Inamoto started talking about the use of CG animation: "I understand how the public feels when it comes to CG, but fortunately, great progress has been made in recent years. With Beastars it was difficult though, mainly because we didn't know how the western audience would react. I am very satisfied with the result, and I really have to thank the fans for the support".

Subsequently the manufacturer intervened Kiyotaka Waki, speaking of the Beastars distribution: "Obviously, a vital factor was the arrival of the anime on Netflix. I think the series has managed to reach everyone, both anime and live action fans. We have big things planned in the future".

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Before closing Inamoto spoke about the plans for 2021, revealing that in addition to the second season of Beastars the "CG remake of an anime that you may know very well". New information will presumably be released in the months to follow.

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