opposing opinions on the famous Spinner Belt

There are those who love it, and those who hate it: we are talking about the famous one Spinner Belt, the version of the WWE title made famous by John Cena. And while Cena is certainly among the former, Edge is a proud proponent of the latter group.

In one of the last episodes of WWE Untold, two of World Wrestling Entertainment’s most celebrated superstars, John Cena and Edge, have discussed a “piece of history” they both share since their first WWE stunt stunts: the Spinner Belt.

Introduced by John Cena after his WrestleMania 21 win against JBL, the “rotating belt” was also worn by Adam Copeland aka Edge, after he took the title against the Boston rapper. Except that while the first participated with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to the conception of the design, remaining quite satisfied with his work, the second … Well, not really.

I have been involved to a great extent in the making of the design, and it is something I have done with great meticulousness“The Suicide Squad and Fast and Furious 9 actor said”[Ho deciso] where the diamonds should go, their size, the shape of the rotating disc, the size of the colored gems inside the disc and where they should be placed, the different metals, the leather part … I was really interested in the procedure“.

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Too bad that the future owner of the title despised the design altogether… “I hated spinner belts, I really despised them” ribadisce Copeland “When they told me we were going to have a Rated-R version [Rated-R Superstar era uno dei nickname dell’atleta], I was really excited. I could not wait. I went home and made a beautiful belt. It was really mindful **. Then I go to work and they tell me ‘Oh no, we just meant we would put your logo in the Spinner Belt’“.

The athlete’s response was not long in coming: “‘That’s all? Because Edge isn’t the Spinner Belt type. ‘ To me, this was the only untouchable title, and it had to feel like a real title, not one of those car rim decorations.“.

Anyway, then Edge he had to resign, as the Rated-R version of the Spinner Belt appeared in WWE (and is still available for purchase on the WWE Shop).


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