Only Leveling arrives in Italy: Star Comics announcements at Star Days

The Star Days have arrived and to celebrate the great Perugian publishing house Star Comics has decided to leave some announcements to the readers. The first tranche of these was revealed on Saturday 26 September, while today 27 September the second part appears. Among the new titles announced is the popular manhwa Solo Leveling.

But let’s go in order. The first title presented is Hitorijime Boyfriend, title of the Queer series and which will arrive in December 2020. This story, drawn by Memeco Arii, is the prequel of the Hitorijime My Hero series which just recently was brought to Italy by the publisher.

Star Comics then revealed the announcement of a new spin-off, this time dedicated to the world of Dr. Stone. Last year, manga creator Boichi devoted himself to serie breve Dr. Stone Reboot: Byakuya, centered on the story of Senku’s adoptive father and made up of a single tankobon. The arrival is expected on the Dragon magazine in March 2021 in the comic store and library.

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The second announcement is related to manhwa Solo Leveling. The work has just entered the second season and Star Comics takes the opportunity to bring it to Italy. Composed of four volumes but still in progress, Solo Leveling will debut in April 2021 in the comic shop, bookshop and online store.

Finally, mangaka Yusuke Osawa arrives in Italy. The author will be brought The Poetry of Ran, known at home as Kegare no Uta, on Point Break. A work completed at home and published in Dragon Age Extra magazine, the two volumes will be brought in a box set in May 2021.

Thus the titles presented at the Star Days double. You can retrieve previous Star Comics announcements here.


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