OnePlus will remove the curious ‘X-ray filter’ from the OnePlus 8 Pro in a future update

A hidden skill was recently found in OnePlus’ latest phone, the 8 Pro: one of the mobile’s filters can capture the inside of some objects as if the camera had X-rays. The discovery has caused a sensation for the striking and surprising, but it was not very liked by the company since OnePlus has announced that it will withdraw the effect of ‘transparency’ in a future update.

It is seldom the case that a phone is discovered to have a quality that it did not initially possess, that even the manufacturer had not intentionally given it. But there it is: the OnePlus 8 Pro, as we demonstrated with our own phone, can glimpse through the plastic of some objects to capture its interior. Fruit of the combination of your camera’s color filters and infrared capture, the quality had become an unexpected sales pitch; a quality that OnePlus did not like: the company has announced on Weibo that it will withdraw the effect due to privacy problems.

OnePlus will remove the Photochrome filter

Oneplus 8 Pro X-ray CameraThe ‘Photochromic’ filter can see through the plastic of some objects

The famous quality of X-Ray is not really like that since the OnePlus 8 Pro cannot glimpse the interior of all objects and under any circumstances. Instead, it goes through some painted surfaces as long as the plastic is originally translucent; without being able in any case to transfer clothes or reveal hidden objects. Even so, OnePlus ensures that users have shown some concern about their privacy; the reason why they have taken the decision to eliminate access to the filter.

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In an official communication from OnePlus on Weibo, the company comments that they developed the filter to take photographs using infrared light with the intention of obtaining unique textures. And that, with the discovery that the filter can capture the interior of objects under very specific circumstances, many users have not only found a way to make parallel use of such a filter, but fake images have been created that do not match the actual capabilities of the phone. So, to eliminate any risk, OnePlus has decided to end the OnePlus 8 Pro’s ‘superpower’.

The brand ensures that the update without the filter will be available very soon, next week in China. Then it should arrive internationally, but we still don’t have confirmation. We have contacted OnePlus Spain: we will update this article as we know the position of the company.


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