One-Punch Man's Tatsumaki comes to life with a loyal cosplay

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Among the many heroes inserted in the world of One-Punch Man, the strongest are inevitably those categorized as S class. Very few members and all with really out of the ordinary skills and who have shown themselves a few times. Among the most famous of this group there is undoubtedly Tatsumaki, the woman with green hair and psychic power.

Appearing in both the manga and the anime of One-Punch Man, Tatsumaki has found several supporters over time. For this reason he is a character particularly at the center of fan art and cosplay. The last one in chronological order to appear on the net and to obtain an excellent consensus was that of Tsukides who took the woman faithfully and with a different expression than usual.

Tsukides replicated Tatsumaki's simplicity with the cosplay that you can see at the bottom: the green hair stands out on everything, curling towards the tips, while the dress is composed of a single black garment that flutters with some flaps leaving the thighs particularly uncovered. Using graphic tools, the cosplayer has added many bright effects in the background that accentuate the distinctive green of Tatsumaki. The Tornado of Terror however, it seems not to be so afraid with that expression on his face.

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Besides Tatsumaki, fans of One-Punch Man they also love the cosplay of Fubuki, the younger sister. If instead you want to know the origins of the world of Saitama, do not miss the special on the Discovery Edition of One-Punch Man.

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