One-Punch Man: the incredible artistic detail of Lord Boros' spacecraft

One-Punch Man it was a real revelation. With the first season of the anime series, produced by Madhouse, which has only made known to the world, even more, a manga whose original and unconventional story was slowly conquering the hearts of more and more fans.

The second season has left unhappy some due to the change of the production house, but beyond that, the manga continues to have a great success, also thanks to the narrative talent of ONE and the incredible drawings made by the boy prodigy, Murata, which is literally conquered Japan with its incredible art.

A few days ago we had shown you one clip that put together some sequences of the manga in rapid succession, which, thanks to Murata's genius, seemed to be the scene of an anime and not the sequences of a manga table.

Well, if this proof of mastery is not enough to convince you of the enormous talent that Yusuke ha, remember already famous at thirteen with Mega Man, then we show you another amazing table, always taken from the One-Punch Man manga, in which it is represented, with a crazy detail, the huge alien spacecraft led by Lord Boros, the enemy who in the first season Saitama he defeated heroically.

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As you can see from the drawing at the bottom of the article, what has been achieved is something unbelievable and that, as can be seen from the comments below the Twitter post, has left fans without words.

What do you think about it? Do you like? Let us know below in the comments.


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