One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki becomes real with Reaver cosplay

After meeting several low-ranking heroes, Saitama also began to weave relationships with higher-level figures. The protagonist of One-Punch Man has in fact met many S-class heroes, absurdly powerful characters even if not as much as our bald man with the yellow tights.

Among these characters who sit atop the pyramid of heroes is Tatsumaki. The heroine showed up recently with a battle in the One-Punch Man manga, while some fans were able to observe what it would have been like in real life thanks to the cosplay made by Tsukides. Months later, today we present another one cosplay su Tatsumaki.

This time it was Reaver Cosplay who created one. The girl posted on her Instagram page many Tatsumaki themed photos, with the heroine of One-Punch Man visible in multiple poses and situations. There is in fact the first photo with a Tatsumaki on a rock, another instead where it really seems in the middle of a battle where he is making full use of his psychic powers.

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Despite the fact that it physically seems a bit bigger than the paper counterpart, this one Tatsumaki’s making is really well done. For some, however, it could be the sister who is more beautiful: do you remember this cosplay of Fubuki prepared by Mangoecos?


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