One-Punch Man: Is Tatsumaki a villain? Here is the bizarre fusion with a fan of Garo

One-Punch Man by Yusuke Murata presented us with many characters divided into various factions, but mainly enclosed in the two macro categories of heroes and monsters. The former, affiliated to the association, have the task of keeping the raids of the latter at bay. But what if two of them unite into one being?

Playing with Photoshop, a fan of One-Punch Man has decided to give life to a new character joining the heroine Tatsumaki, one of the most powerful in circulation, and Garo, the human self-proclaimed monster who has repeatedly put the good guys in difficulty. Taking as its basis one of Garo's most epic poses, where the monster rests on a broken column, he has decided to apply Tatsumaki over the head.

Even the head of Tatsumaki chosen is particularly threatening and therefore the result that you can see at the bottom manages to disturb as in the original image. Such a character in One-Punch Man, with an exceptional physique and a powerful psyche, would be difficult for anyone to fight (even if Saitama probably wouldn't have who knows how many problems).

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One-Punch Man is now stopped at chapter 131, while Murata has updated on chapter 132.


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