One-Punch Man: Garou is illustrated by a Murata in a state of grace

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The enormous skill of Yusuke Murata is no longer a novelty. The artist, after demonstrating great qualities with the Eyeshield 21 manga spokon, managed to sublimate them with One-Punch-Man who definitively consecrated his talent.

The artist usually publishes illustrations on ONE's work, and the most recent, on his Twitter profile represents Garou grappling with the imposing S-class hero, Darkshine. The glance falls on the extraordinary dynamism of the composition and on a surprising anatomical construction in the definition of the bodies of the two characters.

In addition to the various sketches and illustrations, Murata is used to sharing the weekly releases of One-Punch-Man, which to date has reached chapter 128 on Tonari no Young Jump, in which the heroine Tatsumaki was the main focus of the narrative. As for the anime, however, there are no updates available about the production of a third season, which despite the many ups and downs of the previous one should still receive an adaptation, given the enormous popularity of the work.

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The heroine Tatsumaki has gone through a rather evident physical evolution inside the manga, being represented more and more frequently in sensual poses as opposed to the more sober ones of the first appearances.

Three new Funko Pop dedicated to One-Punch Man are coming, we give you a small preview: Mumen Rider costs three times as much as Saitama.

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