One Punch Man: Discover 10 similar webtoons and manga series

In 2009, a creator named ONE started a webcomic about a dominated superhero facing an existential crisis. Who could have predicted that in the years to come, that webcomic would become a manga popular called One Punch Man?

Twenty-three volumes and counting! This version, written by ONE and illustrated by the ultra talented Yusuke Murata, follow Saitama, a superhero who can defeat his enemies with a single hit.

Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want to be such an effective and powerful hero? Turns out that Saitama hates being so strong. If victory is always guaranteed, every fight loses its excitement. And if you live for emotion, life loses all emotion. Imagine Superman with existential crisis. That is One Punch Man in a nutshell.

One Punch Man occupies an interesting space in the field of manga. There is no other series like this. Saitama is the strongest character in the manga, but no one notices. He works in the dark and is not even the highest ranked hero in his anime / manga.

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Saitama fights monsters and supervillains, but he also shops at the convenience store (with coupons) and plays video games. One Punch Man is a superhero storybut he pokes fun at many familiar tropes and never takes the destruction wreaked by villains too seriously.

¿Existen series similares a One Punch Man?

If you can identify exactly what he likes about the series, you will have better luck finding similar titles. To that end, in The Truth News We leave you some recommendations for One Punch Man style manga.

This is what Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch Man, looks like
  • “My Hero Academia” de Kohei Horikoshi
  • “Sailor Moon” de Naoko Takeuchi
  • “Tiger and Bunny” de Sunrise y Mizuki Sakakibara
  • “Mob Psycho 100” de ONE
  • “Unholy Blood” de Lina Im y Jeonghyeon Kim
  • Chugong and Dubu’s “Solo Leveling”
  • “The Irregular At Magic High School” por Tsutomu Sato y Kana Ishida
  • “The Devil is a Part Timer!” (Hataraku Maō-sama!) De Satoshi Wagahara y Akio Hiiragi
  • “Ouran High School Host Club” de Bisco Hatori
  • “Sakamoto desu ga?” De Nami Sano

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