One Punch Man: COSPLAYER brings out the SEXY side of Tatsumaki Beautiful!

Tatsumaki, also known in the world anime As the “Tornado of Terror”, she is the S-class professional heroine, rank 2 of the Hero Association and the older sister of Fubuki. She and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters.

The beautiful heroine of One Punch Man he has a rather cheeky, temperamental, active and irritable personality. He has no respect for most people, especially those he considers incompetent, and he is totally intolerant of such rude people.

Tatsumaki particularly does not like to be ignored or called “dwarfs” and “girls”. Despite her arrogance, she was forced to defeat the monsters, believing that her job as a hero was her duty and accepted any request from the Hero Association to defeat the monsters.

Since he gets bored when not fighting monsters, he chases after them in his spare time. She was a bit softer towards her sister Fubuki, but also overprotective. This great heroine has been represented on many occasions by cosplayers that give life to his great power.

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An amazing Tatsumaki cosplay

An amazing Tatsumaki cosplay

As we mentioned in The Truth News, @danielledenicola recreated Tatsumaki in an incredible way with a spectacular cosplay. She paid attention to the small details that make up this character, such as his distinctive green hair and a rather stylish hairstyle.

It also included her elegant but revealing dress in black. Another detail that we can observe is that this powerful heroine controls everything around her, just like in the anime.

The incredible photo shoot shows us the pillars of the personality of this great anime character, so this great work has left more than one fan of One Punch Man delighted.

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