ONE PIECE: Zoro becomes a true samurai with a viral fan art

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From chapter 901 the narrative arc of Wanokuni can be said to have officially started, a phase that Eiichiro Oda has already declared that it will be fundamental for the ONE PIECE manga. As was previously known, this is the land of the samurai and everything that was presented by the mangaka is strongly inspired by feudal Japan.

Waiting to find out what will happen in the anime and why Zoro will be the protagonist of some episodes, a fan has decided to devote his time to the swordsman of the crew. Instead of the worn and low-rise ronin clothes he's wearing now, the passionate PozzimusPrime decided to give the character of ONE PIECE a completely new outfit.

In Japan a few centuries ago the samurai belonged to an elite class and therefore had refined armor and different from that of the classic soldiers. This was even more true for the shogun, the army chief and de facto chief of Japan for certain periods. Zoro becomes a samurai with a particularly refined armor in the image below, accompanying everything with a red oni mask that stands out on the head.

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Unfortunately we will probably not see the swordsman wearing such armor in ONE PIECE, although in this arc it would have been exciting to see him with these clothes. After a week's break, the manga is about to return: what will happen to Zoro and the others in ONE PIECE 985?

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