ONE PIECE: why did Robin and Nami's breasts grow so much? Oda reveals the reason

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Be honest, there is no reader ONE PIECE that at least once he wondered why the breasts of female characters grow from chapter to chapter. The two heroines of the series, Robin and Nami, in particular, seem to have received even more special treatment from Eiichiro Oda, but for what reason?

Although sensei does not consider himself particularly an expert in drawing female characters, it is undeniable how he still manages to fascinate his readers with a always well characterized and peculiar character design. But speaking of female characters, did you know this detail about the shapes of the protagonists?

Anyway, for fans of the opera Nami remains the darling of ONE PIECE, as well as the main heroine of the series. On the occasion of an SBS, a blow and response between the author and the fans, Oda revealed the causes for which the Nami and Robin's breast has grown during the adventure. The answer in question, attached at the bottom of the news with the original question, follows:

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"I will also tell you a million times: I draw the dreams of boys from all over. People from all over the world! Grow a prosperous breast!"

A clear and concise answer, consistent with Oda's style in drawing female characters. And you, however, do you agree with what expressed by sensei or do you find it a questionable choice? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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