ONE PIECE: three Rebecca cosplay compared, which one is the best?

Among the female protagonists of ONE PIECE certainly Nami and Nico Robin stand out, the ones that appear the most. It is no coincidence that in the fandom there are many cosplay about Nami or the beautiful archaeologist of the protagonist crew. But there are many other female characters less present and therefore less represented by cosplayers from all over the world.

One of these is undoubtedly Perona, of which we brought you a cosplay a few days ago. But, again with pink hair, there is another girl we met in ONE PIECE, specifically in the Dressrosa saga. One of the colosseum’s fighters was Rebecca, daughter of Kyros and who for years has been forced to fight.

The girl has a slender and prosperous body like the other girls of ONE PIECE. He therefore ends up having a silhouette that is difficult to replicate in reality, but three girls have tried to present themselves in his shoes. So here we see at the bottom ben three cosplay about Rebecca: one of Linssy, one of the Italian Gaia Giselle and the last of Kyllie Cosplay.

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All three wear Rebecca’s peach-pink hair wrapped in a braid, with the black and gold armor she uses for combat and reveals her generous forms, and finally shield, sword and cloak. What is the most faithful version in your opinion?


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