ONE PIECE: this is where Oda took inspiration for the island of God Valley

ONE PIECE , the pirate epic signed by Eiichiro Oda, is full of references to history, numerous cultures and traditions and mythologies, and it seems that the famous mangaka also took inspiration from the wonderful landscapes of Japan and the United States to create some places inside of the manga, as recently discovered by a fan.

The user @scopper_gapan shared the images that we reported at the bottom of the page on Twitter. One of the master's plates is compared, extracted from chapter 957 "Ultimate", where the Pirates of Rocks were presented for the first time, and the mysterious island God Valley.

THE Pirates of Rocks, thirty-six years before the beginning of the adventure of Luffy and companions, they were considered one of the most powerful crews in the world, having among its members three characters who would become emperors, Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido.

This terrible crew used to attack and brutally kill their opponents, and when they found themselves on the island known as God Valley, they targeted some world nobles, who were rescued by a sudden alliance between Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger, the only ones able to stop Rocks and his companions. The clash ended with the death of Rocks, and the subsequent dissolution of the crew.

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Not much has ever been revealed of the island where all this took place, which led Garp to be considered the hero of the Navy, we only know that it is characterized by huge valleys and very particular mountains. And as discovered by the fan mentioned at the beginning of the article, it seems that Oda was directly inspired by the Valley of the Gods, the beautiful valley in southeast Utah characterized by high natural towers and particular rocky conformations.

Recall that the final arc of ONE PIECE has been announced, and we leave you to the reactions of the fans to the fight of Zoro and Killer.


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