ONE PIECE: this all-Italian Nami cosplay has gone viral

Eiichiro Oda has repeatedly admitted that he adores women with a certain type of physique. This is easy to reproduce on paper and not surprisingly the protagonists or at least most of the women of ONE PIECE they are designed almost the same: full breasts, slim waist and a nice butt. But in reality it is really difficult to replicate.

For this reason there are very few cosplayers or people who can dedicate themselves to a cosplay on Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock or any other ONE PIECE female character. Waiting to find out if it will be Emily Rudd to take on the role of Nami in the live action of ONE PIECE programmed by Netflix, we see a cosplay on the beautiful thief cat made by an Italian.

Eugenia Bellomia, aka Soryu Geggy, has already brought us a sensual cosplay of Kairi from Kingdom Hearts on these pages. This time he focuses on the ONE PIECE co-star with the Nami cosplay you see below. The version chosen is the one immediately after the timeskip, with Nami with long orange hair, green and white bikini, accompanied by light blue low-waisted jeans.

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The physique certainly makes her suitable for playing the beautiful Nami, do you say she succeeded?


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