ONE PIECE: there is exaltation among the fans for the last important return of the manga

ONE PIECE it is continuing its publication on Weekly Shonen Jump and in this period it is focusing on the production of Wanokuni act three. It is now for some time, about 25 chapters, that is found in this act that saw the protagonists arrive in Onigashima to fight Kaido and his endless army.

However the obstacles for the protagonists of ONE PIECE not only to be found in the emperor who lives in Wanokuni but also in the Big Mom crew. In fact, the empress did not endure the affront to Whole Cake Island during the marriage between Pudding and Sanji that went wrong, so she went together to his children on the island.

After being wrecked because of King, the Big Mom crew he is attempting to set foot in Wanokuni by climbing the waterfalls that surround the island. Waiting to find out the reason for this alliance with Kaido, there is a new figure in the sky that rushes towards the empress's ship. This time a overturning the boat of Perospero and the others is Marco la Fenice, first commander of the Whitebeard fleet and who for a long time hid on the island where his adoptive father was born to defend her from Barbabruna.

Obviously the fans of ONE PIECE have not been in the skin: on Twitter and on the other social networks many posts have chased about this return of Marco in the manga. Given his strength and his experience, he will certainly be fundamental to the fight against Kaido. Meanwhile, there are already the first spoilers for ONE PIECE 982.

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