ONE PIECE, the wait is over according to a rumor: the anime will return shortly

The transmission of the anime of ONE PIECE it was suspended indefinitely by Toei Animation and the Japanese broadcasters after the continuous difficulties encountered in the production of the episodes following the arrival of the Coronavirus in Japan. By now fans are inquiring every day about the possible recovery of the historic and important anime.

In recent days, however, it seems that all the difficulties have subsided, also thanks to the elimination of the state of emergency by Shinzo Abe. For this reason, we reviewed the voiceovers of ONE PIECE which testified that production had returned to normal. Only one date was missing and nothing official has been disclosed today. But an announcement is in the air.

After some rumors based on the number of Weekly Shonen Jump, more come from some French portals, including Adala News, and the well-known insider ScotchInformer, always informed about the world of ONE PIECE. According to various sources, the anime of ONE PIECE will return on June 28, 2020 with episode 930. Recall that the episode 930 was the first not to be broadcast: on April 19, 929 focused on the old Hyo, while the presentation of Queen should have arrived the following week.

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So in less than two weeks we could see Luffy and companions in the land of Wanokuni again, thus continuing the fight against the Emperor Kaido of the Hundred Beasts. Obviously we remember that the official release date has not yet been confirmed.


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