ONE PIECE: the HUNGRY DAYS commercials highlight the solidity of the main cast

From May 2019 through February 2020, Nisshin Foods Ramen released a series of themed commercials ONE PIECE entitled “HUNGRY DAYS”. These advertisements feature our gang of pirates in a modern version and as if they were part of a school manga.

It is almost surreal to see many characters from ONE PIECE and some scenes imagined in a school context. I study Shaft (Madoka Magica) took care not only of the magnificent animations, but also of giving our darlings a complete restyling, transforming them just as if they were part of a school anime!

Within these commercials there are also quotes and they make us understand how much love has been put into each single frame. One of these quotes is when they are seen Luffy and Usopp full of bruises, sitting at the counter who avoid looking at each other. This scene in particular refers to their fight during Water 7.

Another exciting scene is when we see Robin alone at the train platform. The scene gives us a great loneliness, the same loneliness that Robin feels in the original manga. All the excitement of the Enies Lobby arc comes back, a clear reference to when Robin was hostage to the CP9s in the Tower of Justice. Everything about this scene recalls this moment of ONE PIECE, despite being set in a completely different place, and manages to clearly communicate Robin’s emotions.

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Being able to convey the same emotions as the main work in commercials that upset the setting makes us think that they rest on a solid base. The main cast, the characters who have entered our hearts, the crew of the straw hat pirates it is so well built that it manages to excite in any sauce that is proposed!

As we are about to reach chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE, in chapter 993 of ONE PIECE the fire festival reveals the feelings of the people. What do you think of these Nisshin Foods Ramen commercials?


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