ONE PIECE: the first spoilers of chapter 982 arrive in exceptional advance

Luffy and Zoro are already in trouble: the pirate duo is in the middle of the island of Onigashima and of course failed to follow the plans. Will the protagonists of ONE PIECE manage to put a patch on it after the latest events that certainly have not made things easy?

This question could be answered by i first spoilers of ONE PIECE 982 which, as was the case last week for ONE PIECE 981, arrived well in advance of the canonical times. Let's see what Eiichiro Oda has in store for its characters:

  • Black Maria has decided not to go looking for Yamato. On the other hand, he prefers to stay with Kaido.
  • Kanjuro and Momo appear in the place where Kaido and Orochi are located, the duo is drinking alcohol. They announce that the operation has failed but Kaido does not yet know that the samurai have already arrived on Onigashima.
  • Nekomamushi contacts the other Red Sheaths who are on Law's submarine.
  • Denjiro and Sasaki cross, but Denjiro has already managed to retrain from Kyojuro to launch a surprise attack.
  • Chopper and Usopp find themselves in front of Big Mom … and try to escape from her.
  • Ulti and Page One work together. And the two meet Luffy.
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Also it has been assured that ONE PIECE will not be on hiatus next weektherefore there will be a third consecutive chapter published for the manga. Meanwhile, have you already read chapter 981 of ONE PIECE?


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