ONE PIECE: the extraordinary power of Sanji in a figure of over 500 euros

The story of ONE PIECE it was shaped through the exploits of legendary pirates. Role that is slowly moving on the shoulders of the Straw Hat crew through their extraordinary adventures. Eiichiro Oda, in fact, managed to give the right space to all Mugiwara, despite the narrative difficulties.

Managing so many plots must not be easy for sensei, yet the ONE PIECE epic has never failed to lend the stage lights to each of the crew members. In this regard, the next episodes of the anime will focus on Zoro and a highly anticipated fight which, in the light of the last trailer, seems to be truly extraordinary.

Likewise, also the latest model of the company Gecko Studio seems to be really fascinating, as the company wanted to pay homage to the Mugiwara chef, Sanji. The pirate, in fact, is portrayed while pulling out a powerful kick through the Diable Jambe. The statuette in question, which you can admire at the bottom of the news, is offered to the public at a price of 540 euros, from which a hundred euros are subtracted from the pre-order.

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And you, however, what do you think of this figure dedicated to one of the most important characters of Luffy's crew, do you like it? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below, but not before having reviewed the spoilers of the last chapter of ONE PIECE.


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