One Piece: the best 100 characters of the manga? You can still VOTE

For the first time One Piece seeks the opinion not only of Japanese fans but of the whole world, opening since the beginning of this 2021 a site where manga followers can vote to choose the 100 best characters of the manga.

These are the first results of the global survey looking for the 100 most popular characters from the One Piece manga.

And the first results have arrived in what the site has defined as half of the votes with quite interesting results and that of course has the members of the straw hat crew in the first places.

The top ten places in the poll so far are: 1st Monkey D. Luffy followed by Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Tafalgar D. Water Law, Portgas D. Ace, Nico Robin, Nami, Sabo, Boa Hancock and Shanks.

One Piece: You can still vote for your favorite!

This great survey looking for the best 100 One Piece characters will be open until February 28, so in The Truth News we recommend you act soon.

If you are interested in your favorite character from the One Piece manga not being left out of this list, you can vote for him or her on this site where you can search for your choice as well as the arc of the manga where it belongs or decide from a list of pirate straw hats.

Thus, the worldwide popularity of the manga of One Piece continues and continues to bring emotions to the fans. Have you already voted for your favorite character? Let us know in the comments!

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