ONE PIECE: the beautiful and sexy Nico Robin arrives with the cosplay in two versions of Vilvarin

The characters of ONE PIECE they are many and often change their hairstyle or clothes thanks to the fantasy of Eiichiro Oda. We saw the straw hat pirates in winter or summer clothes, in tune with the fantasies of the island they are discovering, but in particular the biggest changes came with the two-year timeskip.

During that period following the defeat at the Shabondy and the war at Marineford, the pirates of ONE PIECE changed radically. Among those who have completely changed their hairstyle and style is beauty Nico Robin, the archaeologist chased by the World Government for knowing how to read Poneglyphs. You will remember her before the timeskip with a leather jacket that barely closed her breast, the cowboy hat and the cut with short hair and a black bangs.

After the timeskip we started to see it much more seductive, with very long black hair, a blue jacket and a long pink pareo that left room for the bare thigh. The Ukrainian cosplayer Lady Vilvarin has decided to dedicate a cosplay to Nico Robin pre timeskip but also one to the beautiful archaeologist after the two-year jump in time. There are many photos uploaded to the Instagram account, as you can see below, that make us admire both versions of the ONE PIECE girl. The work done is really of a high standard and the cosplay have a good erotic charge, have you appreciated them?

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The archaeologist charm of Nico Robin has also emerged with other cosplay like that of Aryvilchis.


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