ONE PIECE: the 5 most beautiful islands between Rotta Maggiore and the New World

The boundless pirate universe of ONE PIECE created by Eiichiro Oda can break in the hearts of fans in many ways. One of these is definitely the construction of the many islands that the Mugiwara found themselves visiting during their long journey, temporarily stopped in the town of Wano. The stages of the path of the Straw Hat pirates have been many over time, and we wanted to focus on what, in our opinion, are the 5 most beautiful islands appeared throughout the manga.

Choosing only five islands is extremely complex, since there are many areas built by the mangaka, but let’s try to have our say after telling you about the still unsolved mysteries of ONE PIECE, which after the Wano saga will move towards its final acts.

Water Seven

Among the many islands it is impossible not to remember Water Seven, the island of the first half of the Major Route visited by the mugiwara rich in canals and known for its naval carpenters, home of the famous Galley-La company. On the top we find a large fountain from which water flows which constitutes the city canals. Locals use the Yagara Bull to move in the aforementioned channels, animals similar to horses with fins capable of swimming even against the current, essential for territorial locomotion. The arch of Water Seven will mark the entrance of Franky in the crew of Monkey D. Luffy as a carpenter, who before leaving as a pirate resided in the Franky House, headquarters of the Franky Family.

Every year the island is hit byLagoon water, a storm that year after year has become more and more impressive. Iceburg, mayor of Water Seven and president of the Galley-La company, plans a system to float the island and thus avoid a maritime catastrophe. For this reason, the shape of the island together with the buildings seem to protrude upwards, to avoid drowning, which is why every new building is built on top of the old one, now unusable for water.

The island also hosted Tom, a legendary carpenter in charge of the Tom’s Workers which he built for the former pirate king Gol D. Roger her Gold Jackson, legendary ship with which the great pirate reached Laugh Tale. Franky worked as Tom’s apprentice and his experience in the field allowed him to build the current straw hat pirate ship: the Thousand Sunny, thanks to the help of Water Seven’s best carpenters.

The island in question thanks to marine trains is directly related to Enies Lobby, famous land owned by the world government in which the Tower of Justice where the agents of the CP9.


The island located in the sky above the Rotta Maggiore is certainly one of the most beautiful to appear in the saga. The charm of Skypiea it resides precisely in its position and structure, comprising Angel Island, the original part of Skypiea and a real island of clouds, andUpper Yard, composed of solid ground and full of flora and fauna. A Milky Road connects Angel Island to Upper Yard, being artificial paths made of clouds and passable as river courses. The mugiwara will walk through it finding themselves in front of 4 portals corresponding to as many tests.

At the center of the Upper Yard stands the Giant Jack, a very tall bean plant that holds the golden bell of Shandia, ancient people who inhabited the island of Jaya and that after one Knock Up Stream (powerful rising jet of water) found himself in white sea 10,000 meters above the sea.

Near the Giant Jack are the ruins of Shandora, the ancient city inhabited by the Shandia that recalls the architecture related to the Mayan period. The legend of Calgara e Noland permeates the area and, according to the great Shandia warrior, the golden bell, placed above a Claw grip, it was created to let the whole world know that the people are there and alive, thanks to the tolling.

Always the symbolic plant crosses a cloud with the sanctuary of the god of Skypiea, current residence of Ener, the god of thunder, whom he ousted Gan Forr but he was defeated by Luffy after a battle that saw him ahead thanks to his fruit Gom Gom, which makes it immune to the electricity produced by the antagonist, now moved to the moon.


The archipelago Sabaody it is certainly one of the most fascinating stages that have marked the path of our protagonists, as well as representing a real one breaking point between the first part of the Grand Line and the New world, being close to the Red Line. We are talking about a group of islands made up of forests of mangrovie Yarukiman that emerge from the sea, each making up a different island that makes up the entire archipelago. That of Sabaody is the largest forest in the world of these plants and precisely the composition of the various islands generated by the mangroves, guarantees the archipelago the disappearance from the Log Pose, not having a magnetic field.

The extraordinary division into several islands given by the stems leads to the subdivision of the various zones into in Grove, linked together by bridges. There are 79 trees in total with 6 distinct areas among them, among which the Sabaody Park, the outlawed area, the tourist area, the construction site area, the Marina garrison and government access and the hotel area.

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The whole atmosphere is permeated by resin bubbles which are used for everything on the island, from means of transportation to linings for ships traveling beneath the surface of the sea.

The Sabaody archipelago is used by pirates to prepare for the New World, but they must pay attention to the proximity of the archipelago to the sacred land of Marijoa, thus becoming the destination of many world nobles who make the atmosphere oppressive for every citizen. Luffy will stop twice in Sabaody, the first time creating confusion with a celestial dragon, and then after 2 years of training, ready to find his crew and leave for the New World.

Fish-Man Island

The submarine island reachable thanks to the aforementioned bubbles proved to be well built and aesthetically appealing during the Straw Hat pilgrimage. First and important stage after temporary jump of 2 years who saw the group strengthened individually, the Island of the fish-men is located ten thousand meters below sea level, in a cleft of the Red Line, where the homonymous creatures live there in addition to tritons and mermaids.

The island in question is often used by those who want to go to the New World, without passing through Marijoa, which we remember being the sacred land in the hands of the World Government. The territory is surrounded by a huge bubble which allows life inside, generating oxygen and avoiding strong marine pressure given the depth of the community. To facilitate movement, some waterways composed of bubbles in which you can swim inside.

Even the Fishmen Island does not miss some important neighborhoods, such as bay of sirens, where the same meet to socialize, or important premises for the definition of the identity of the place, such as the Dojo where you can learn the famous Fish-man karate. One of the most important places is certainly the dragon palace, where the Royal family, which rises in a bubble above the one that contains the entire island.

Also there sea ​​forest has its own importance, a place in the south-east of the island with the nickname of ship graveyard for wrecks brought by ocean currents. In the same place many species of fish gather and corals of great beauty grow, thanks to the light derived from Eva, a giant tree that absorbs solar energy and transmits it to its roots, as well as transporting air to the ocean floor by breathing, illuminating the whole island although it is at the bottom of the sea.

Luffy here will come in contact with Shirahoshi, the island princess and reincarnation of thePoseidon Ancestral Weapon, making the related saga extremely important for the future.

Whole Cake Island

The current penultimate stop in the New World of the mugiwara certainly has a place in the list thanks to its bright colors and lots of sugar. Let’s talk about the island in the center of the archipelago Tottoland under the control of the empress Big Mom, characterized by buildings that recall giant sweets, such as frosted cakes, or fruit.

The coasts of the island are covered with meringue, while the main castle of the island where the empress resides is one giant internal ten-story cake, the highest of all Whole Cake Island, which dominates Sweet City, the capital of Tottoland and the island’s main city, made up of buildings made of ice cream, biscuits and creams. Just the empress’s castle looks like a sweet a five frosted layers, with windows and a terrace where receptions and ceremonies are organized. Definitely stands out forest of seduction south-west of the island, composed of trees and flowers, crossed by a river of melon juice, with many edible elements, populated by homeys that hide the exits, trapping visitors to death.

The Straw Hat Pirates will land in the infamous territory after the announcement of the marriage between Sanji e Pudding to combine the power of Germa 66 to that of the family Charlotte. In an attempt to get their mate back and after planning to assassinate the empress with the help of Capone Bege during the marriage, general panic will arise during the surprise attack.

Everything will culminate in the wrath of the pirate and the explosion of the fairy casket that will bring down the castle. The anger of the woman in the absence of sweets has caused a lot of damage to the island, including the capital Sweet City which is partly destroyed.

The stage of Whole Cake Island marked the path of Luffy, who finally fought against Katakuri, one of the three generals of the sweets of the Charlotte family, has understood the difficulties he will face from now on against the emperors to become in effect the pirate king. What are your favorite islands of the series to date?


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