ONE PIECE spoiler 982: new images and a crucifixion coming soon

A few days after the release of the official ONE PIECE chapter on MangaPlus, information on the story prepared by Eiichiro Oda for this week continues to leak. What will happen again in ONE PIECE 982?

After the first texts dating back to Monday, the first spoilers of ONE PIECE 982 have been confirmed with images. Today the information is expanded once again with additional pages that you can see at the bottom of the news, in the gallery.

There mini cover adventure is once again dedicated to Capone Bege and his crew who, with a nice escape, try to escape from the marines. The second page of the chapter takes us back to the final stages of the previous one, with Marco, Nekomamushi and Izo together. The former Whitebeard commander is ready to fight and made up his mind when he learned about Wanokuni's condition.

We return to Onigashima with Kaido who is joined by Black Maria, who does not want to go looking for Yamato. There is also Orochi celebrating the end of the Kozuki clan after 20 years of rumors and threats. Unfortunately for the shogun, however, he arrives in the Kanjuro room which, with Momo under his arm beaten conspicuously, confirms that the plan has been blown and that the samurai have not been defeated.

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Orochi gets very angry and takes Momonosuke, announcing everyone to prepare another cross in the square: being the little Kozuki the general of the enemies is exemplary execution required. It is also confirmed by Fukurojuku that in addition to four pirates – Luffy, Zoro, Kidd and Killer – there are no traces of other ships or samurai on the territory of Onigashima.

Meanwhile Law and the others travel the currents around the island while talking to Nekomamushi, on Onigashima the chariot instead armed with Chopper and the others tries to escape Big Mom heading in a direction opposite to that of the samurai. ONE PIECE 982 will be published on MangaPlus Sunday 14 June at 18:00.


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